The dance ensemble of children and youth KAUŠKUTIS

The ensemble “KAUŠKUTIS” with 200 dancers was founded in 1988 in a little town Mažeikiai, situated in the North – West of Lithuania.

The ensemble has made tours all round Lithuanian performing Lithuanian folk dances.

A great number of folk dances have been represented within these years, on the basis of Lithuanian folk traditions 25 great programmers – choreography performances has been made.

The “KAUŠKUTIS” was awarded for being the best folk dance ensemble of children in Lithuania in 1988 and  2016. Received the First State Prize for Choreography for a high artistic level in 1999.  In 2012 „KAUŠKUTIS“ was nominated the annual contest of the best groups of various art branches and genres “Aukso paukštė“ (Golden Bird). The dance group has participated and won many contest around the world, such as: in 1996  won second place in international festival-competition in Canada, Quebec, in 2010 won fourth place in “Delphic games” in Turkey, Ankara, in 2013 won Grand-Prix in international festival-competition in Serbia, Belgrade, in 2015 won 1st  place and Grand-Prix in international festival-competition in Italy, Pesaro, in 2016 1st place in  international festival-competition in Greece, Neoi Poroi.
The “KAUŠKUTIS” has been arranging international festivals under the title “SUKAUŠKEKEM, SUTREPSEKEM”. A lot of guests from Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Russia, Israel, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus took part at them.
The performances of “KAUŠKUTIS” won audiences in the Baltic States, Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Canada, France, Cyprus, Holland, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Greece.
The ensemble has a special role to play in reviving and advocating the traditions of Lithuanian folk dance. It would like to excite the curiosity of its audience to acknowledge and respect the traditions and history of other nations.


Address: Draugystės g. 32, Mažeikiai, LT-89165
Mob. tel.: 0037062013075